RYA Powerboating






RYA Powerboat Level 2 (Beginner) Courses in 2014: 


ALL PB Level 2 COURSES ARE FULL. Please call the main office to get your name on a waiting list!  (16.9.14)


2 days March RYA   Powerboat Level 2 Course APPLY ONLINE 8th March until 9th March
2 days April   RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course APPLY ONLINE 12th April until 13th April
2 days June   RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course APPLY ONLINE 7th June until 8th June
2 days Sept.   RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course APPLY ONLINE 13th Sept. until 14th Sept.
2 days Oct.   RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course APPLY ONLINE 11th Oct. until 12th Oct.

Due to its popularity another Powerboat Level 2 course has been scheduled for 22nd – 23rd November.

Please click here to APPLY ONLINE for the November course.

Please note that there are only 3 spaces per instructor and so spaces are very limited. The BYC office will respond as soon as possible to let you know whether there is space on the course. Please email alice@ballyholme.com if the course you wish to do is full up.


£150 (BYC Members); £170 Visitors

n.b. this course is £285 in some centres in England….come to Ballyholme for better value!


This two-day course provides the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence.

It includes close quarters handling, high-speed manoeuvres, launching and recovery, boat handling, securing to a buoy, anchoring, leaving and coming alongside, man overboard and collision regulations.

Your certificate will be endorsed as a coastal one when you do your course here at BYC.

Assumed knowledge:

None. (though may be preceded by Level 1)

Minimum age:

At BYC we take candidates from the age of 13. Candidates under the age of 16 will be issued with an endorsed certificate

Ability after the course:

Self-sufficient powerboater in the right conditions, aware of own limitations and those of craft

What to bring:

  • Notebook and pen
  • Your RYA “Start Powerboating” Book
  • Oilskins or wetsuits…n.b. in rough weather you can get waves coming over your head!
  • Your own lifejacket or buoyancy aid from BYC
  • A passport sized photograph of yourself
  • Pack lunch and a hot drink


You can be sent your RYA Start Powerboating Book to do some pre-course study. Please contact alice@ballyholme.com if you have a course coming up but haven’t received this yet. Also watch this video below:

 Powerboating Top Tips – With Jon Kirby – Southampton Water Activities Centre 

Powerboating Launching and Recovery

Basic Navigation

How to tie a Sheet Bend

How to tie a Clove Hitch

How to tie a Bowline

How to tie a Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

How to tie a Rolling Hitch (Stephen Magee’s Favourite!)



For those who have been powerboating for a significant amount of time but need the “bit of paper” , you can book a direct assessment. This has to be made by arrangement and costs £50. The assessment could take up to 3 hours so we arrange these for a morning, afternoon or summer evening. Please contact alice@ballyholme.com to make arrangements.




This two-day course provides the skills required when acting as an escort craft, safety boat or coach boat for a fleet of dinghies, windsurfers or canoes, or for racing or training activities.

It includes rescue techniques, preparation, boat handling, dinghy rescue, windsurfer rescue, kayak or canoe rescue (can be covered as theory), towing, end-of-day procedures, safety, suitability of craft, local factors, communication, rescuing other water users,  elements of race management and mark laying.

Assumed knowledge: 

Basic understanding of sailing boats and windsurfers. A RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate must be held prior to this course. You will likely be asked to demonstrate skills from the PB Level 2 assessment on the first morning of the course.

Minimum age:


Ability after the course:

Able to provide safety or support cover to a range of craft, particularly sailing or windsurfing

What to bring:

  • Notebook and pen
  • Your own lifejacket
  • A passport sized photograph of yourself
  • Oilskins and wetsuit (wetsuits and buoyancy aids provided at BYC)
  • Pack lunch and a hot drink


9am -5pm both days.

n.b. you may be given work to do at home prior to the course and on Saturday evening.