Youth Sailing Courses


 Youth RYA Summer Courses

  DATES BYC Members with own boat BYC Members Visitors
RYA Stage 1-2 30th June – 3rd July PHOTOS FROM THIS WEEK £88.00 £96.00 £120.00
 RYA Stage 2-3 14th-18th July APPLY ONLINE £110.00 £120.00 £150.00
RYA Start – Intermediate Racing  (must have own boat) 14th-18th July APPLY ONLINE £110.00 n/a £140.00
RYA Stage 3-4 21st-25th July APPLY ONLINE £110.00 £120.00 £150.00
RYA Stage 1-2 (+Kayaking) 28th July-1st Aug. APPLY ONLINE £110.00 £120.00 £150.00
RYA Stage 2-3 (+Kayaking) 4th-8th Aug. APPLY ONLINE £110.00 £120.00 £150.00
RYA Stage 3-4 11th-15th Aug. APPLY ONLINE £110.00 £120.00 £150.00
RYA Start Racing 11th-15th Aug. APPLY ONLINE £110.00 £120.00 £150.00
BYC Fun Week (all stages)orRYA Stage 1 18th-22nd Aug.18th-22nd Aug. APPLY ONLINEAPPLY ONLINE £110.00n/a £120.00£120.00 n/a£150.00


Course Menu 2014- we highly recommend a hot lunch each day (except picnic day on Thursday) Please book lunches through the main office on 02891271467 or or Thanks!

Knots for Young Sailors

How to tie a Sheet Bend

How to tie a Clove Hitch

How to tie a Bowline

How to tie a Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

How to tie a Rolling Hitch (Stephen Magee’s Favourite!)


Try-a-sail Taster Sessions

April Try-a-Sail 5th April
May Try-a-Sail 3rd – 5th May APPLY ONLINE Try-a-Sail
July Try-a-Sail 5th July APPLY ONLINE Try-a-Sail
August Try-a-Sail 9th August APPLY ONLINE Try-a-Sail


Small Sailor Sessions

Small   Sailor Sessions       (3-7 yr olds) 4th July - 11th Julyand 18th-20th Aug. Small Sailor Sessions


Pico Practice

Pico Practice (adults and cadets) 13th June - 12th Sept Pico Practice


Cadet Autumn Training

This is ideal for those who are RYA Stage 3 + who don’t want to miss out on more sailing opportunities this Autumn -Winter.

Sessions will happen no matter what the weather but obviously if it is too windy we will be land-based.

Cadets will either use their own boats, club picos (free) or club toppers (at a cost). Please contact Alice if you need to secure a boat for the training.

Saturday afternoons from 27th Sept. – 1st Nov.

Cadet Autumn Training 4th Oct. – 10th Nov. £60 APPLY ONLINE


Cadet Saturday Sailing in the Autumn

This Autumn, Cadets who are not up to the stage where they could do the Cadet Autumn Training, can group together to get private lessons in a Bahia with an RYA Instructor on Saturdays. Please see the Private Lesson section of the website for more details.

Saturday afternoons from 27th Sept. – 1st Nov.

Cadet Saturday Sailing (Private Lesson) 27th September APPLY ONLINE
Cadet Saturday Sailing (Private Lesson) 4th October APPLY ONLINE
Cadet Saturday Sailing (Private Lesson) 11th October APPLY ONLINE
Cadet Saturday Sailing (Private Lesson) 18th October APPLY ONLINE
Cadet Saturday Sailing (Private Lesson) 25th October APPLY ONLINE
Cadet Saturday Sailing (Private Lesson) 1st November APPLY ONLINE


RYA Training

Many of our young sailors progress enough to get them on the RYANI Pathway. This is a great goal to have for those who are more competitive. More details about this can be found on the RYANI website  or by contacting Richard Honeyford (RYA NI Performance Manager) on 077 9546 6624 or 028 9038 3812 or 


YOUTH COURSES and TRAINING  - What to bring:

n.b. we have wetsuits, spray jackets and buoyancy aids

  • warm clothing (lots of woollen layers) for the upper body and some spares for after lunch and more spares for the end of the day
  • a hat / cap (you won’t be allowed afloat without this!!!)
  • gloves (3mm neoprene ones are a good idea)
  • neoprene booties (with hot socks if you have them) or in summer old trainers you don’t mind getting wet are fine
  • change of clothes
  • towel
  • plastic bin bag for wet clothes
  • long hair must be tied back and is best covered with a hat
  • minimal jewellery
  • A bottle for water to stop dehydration
  • MEDICATION (inhalers etc.)
  • Lunch money on Monday (£4 per lunch) or a pack lunch
  • n.b. everyone needs a pack lunch for picnic day on Thursdays!